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David Darcy: Providing Educational Support for Parents and Teachers.

Learning and teaching can be fun, creative, and inspiring when you have the support you need. David will help you find new ways to reawaken the love of learning in your children and make teaching a joyful activity for you.

Creative play

Since children naturally love to play, move, and create, David shows parents and teachers how to use games, movement, and artistic activities to convey academic material. This approach is based on his training and experience as a Waldorf teacher, and on his years of work with teachers and homeschooling parents.

David’s goal is to help teachers and parents bring more fun and creativity into their teaching. So whether you have much or little interest in Waldorf education, David’s insights, experience, and guidance will help you become a better teacher, and enjoy teaching more.

Please explore the resources on this site and contact David to schedule your first consultation.

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